Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Weight Watchers.

I have been going to weight watchers for over a year now. I have lost 2.5st in that time. It has not been easy by any means. I gain weight way to easy so I do feel like I have to try harder then a non-PCOS person.
I have done well to loose weigh with only the aid of good old fashion dieting and exercise. 
I have found a love for exercise that I have never had in my life.
I was always the girl in PE class that avoided it like the plague.
 I started loosing weight so I would get clomid but as the weight fell off an my body shape changed I began to feel happier with the way I was starting to look.
I no longer want to go back to the weight I was a year ago. 
I just want to continue to see my weight drop. 
Although my body shape has changed, I am a lower weight now then I was when I fell pregnant with Mia 3 years ago.
For me, Knowing how I was when I was pregnant with Mia gives me hope that when I finally do become pregnant I will be more active and be able to be consistent with eating healthy. 

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