Tuesday, 15 March 2011


Gary is at work and Mia is at school, I have done all my housework so I have nothing left to do for the day..
Its so quiet when they are both at work and school. 
I do feel really lost and I find it so boring!
Right now Mia is only part time so I dread to think what bored I will be when shes full time! - Hopefully by then we will have another little one keeping me company . 
I have just watched the Glee I recoded last night and I am just watching One Born Every Minute. I have no idea why I put my self through this every week. Seeing this women give birth to beautiful babies always leaves me in tears. 
I do tend to watch OBEM when Gary isnt around as he always takes the mick out of me for crying.
I was never this soppy pre Mia. That child has made me a gigantic ball of sappiness

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