Thursday, 10 March 2011

48 days.

I am on CD48 and I am showing no signs of AF.
I went to the Doctors yesterday in hopes they would be able to give me something to help induce her.
I sat down and told her, Asked her if there was anything she could give me to help make it come. She looked at me like I had an extra head. I gave her examples of drugs I know my self from friends that have PCOS that have taken. She said there was nothing they could give me to make my period come but there was plenty she could give me to make it stop. She never checked or anything. Just told me out right.
I know there is something I could be given as I was given something from my OBGYN to make my period come so I could have my HCG xray.
I wish it was as simple as ringing my OBGYN up and them being able to slot me in as soon as possible. However, they only hold a clinic here twice a month and spaces are tight. I have an appointment in June but they could move it forward to May. There was no real point in doing that.
When I was at the doctors there was a few positive points. My blood pressure is fine and my weight has gone down 3st2lb since Febuary last year.
Every cloud I guess

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  1. Whoa!! They can give you Provera (progesterone) to induce a period. They won't give it more than once every 90 days unless you are doing fertility treatments - but they can definitely induce a period!