Tuesday, 15 March 2011

My Soy Cycle.

After hearing so much about soy I decided to take it this cycle.
 I have heard of a few people on Just Mommies getting pregnant by taking this in place of clomid.
As this cycle has gone on for what feels like forever,
I had totally forgotten that this cycle I had taken it. I took it from cycle day 5 till cycle day 10 at 750mg once a day.
It appears that it has not worked as I am now on cycle day 53 , if anything it has made my cycle longer. (my last cycle was 42 days) I guess it doesn't work for everyone.
 However, the end of my cycle could be in site... According to fertility friend I am now 8dpo (days past ovulation) and most people have a luteal phase of 14 days. Im not sure if I want to believe it though as it told me I had ovulated before and then when it was at like 17dop it told me I had not ovulated at all. However last time my coverline was dotted - this time it is a solid line. According to my online friends a solid coverline means FF is certain I ovulated.

 My only worry about the soy not working, is that it is supposed to be a natural clomid. If thats the case - what hope do I have if this doesn't work that clomid will? What if all this hope I have in clomid will be a waste and I wont get anything from clomid?
I know, I know just because soy didnt work for me dosent mean clomid will be the same. Clomid could be my magic medicine and give me the baby I am longing so much for.


  1. I am going to do a soy cycle next month before we try Clomid. Did you have any side effects from the soy?

  2. You know - there are a lot of factors to considering if clomid will work for you. Weight, diet, clomid dosage, etc are all factors. Clomid is much more effective if taken with metformin as well. I guess my point is - don't get down if things don't work the first, second or third time. We sometimes have to try many different configurations of treatments until we find the one that works.