Friday, 11 March 2011

My chart.

I have bee temping to see if it works for me. To see if it can give me some indication on how long my cycle will be and see if I can find a rhyme or rhythm to them. I only decided to do this part way through my cycle (CD23) I am not becoming a serious temper as I would get too stressed and this has been complicated to get my head around. I ended up thinking I had ovulated, Turns out it was wrong and I had not. I am now being told I am 4 days past ovulation. This time I think it was right. The night before I had really bad stomach ache and was rather grumpy. Instead of having a dashed red line telling me my coverline the line is now solid. I hope this is right this time. I really want to hurry up and start a new cycle.

My Ovulation Chart

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