Thursday, 10 March 2011

PCOS is my nemisis.

Or at least it feels like it is right now.
I really wish I was a 'normal' bodied woman right now. Every day that passes we are etching closer to the two year mark of when I first came off the birth control pill. When me and my then soon to be husband decided that trying for a second baby would be the next step.
As far as I was aware I was a normal 20 year old who could have children. I didnt think it would take long. A couple of month maybe.
As long as we have been trying I know of a few people who have gone on to have two more children while we have struggled to have our second.
I just wish I could speed things along and be holding my new born child.
I just wish I could see Mia's face when she see's her new brother or sister.
Hell, even right now id do anything for my period to start. nearly 50 days since I have had a period. In that time a normal person would be coming close to having there second.
I am never going to start clomid at this rate.

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